Wild Wild West

Client: Compal Kids | Agency: Y&R | Broker: Film Broker |  Director: Paco


"Sine Metu"

Director’s Cut | Client: Jameson| Agency: The Hotel | Director: Mamede

AGEAS - Director's Cut

AGEAS - Director's Cut | Agency: HAVAS World Wide | Client: AGEAS | Director: Paco

BOOK + CASE STUDY FILM Unexpected Biography

We are very honored to announce that our project for Apav and Havas is out there. With the Support of Penguin Random House, we were able to publish our first book. The Book was written by João Tordo and tells the story of a hacker obsessed by the personal life of his victims. The project wants to raise awareness about the dangerous of the personal information that we post on social networks. The result is a BOOK and a CASE STUDY FILM.

BOOK + CASE STUDY FILM  Unexpected Biography
Agency: Havas World Wide
Client: APAV
Support: Penguin Editorial
Book: João Tordo
Director: Paco


News from the UK:  Comedy and Chaos, a fun combination that our director Paco has brought to us from London. Botton Line: Never Trust a Hipster Barista!

 Client: TEVA London Director: Paco


COMPAL Essential + (English Version)

News on it´s way! We are proud to present our first MAJOR WEST project! “it was one small step for man, but one giant leap for MAJOR WEST”. We couldn’t find better words than the ones from the David Reviews editors to describe our feelings about it:    “A bright, modern approach serves this product well.”

Agency: Y&R
Central Production: João Carriço, Film Brokers
Client: Sumol+Compal
Director Paco


COMPAL Essential + (Versão Portuguesa)

News on it´s way! Temos o orgulho de apresentar o primeiro projecto MAJOR WEST! Como diria Neil Armstrong se pudesse ver o filme: “it was one small step for man, but one giant leap for MAJOR WEST”. Não conseguimos encontrar melhores palavras do que aquelas usadas pelos editores da prestigiada revista David Reviews sobre o filme:
“A bright, modern approach serves this product well.”

Agência: Y&R
Central Produção: João Carriço, Film Brokers
Cliente: Sumol+Compal
Realizador: Paco