Shooting with friens for 5 days in Lisbon / Car commecial / Very soon 🚗🚗🚗



What a Privilege; MajorWest on the Lisbon Add Festival Website.



 🏆🏆🏆 PACO's latest project for SPRITE China (Coca-Cola) it was selected to be in the prestigious AdForum facebook page.


MORNING NEWS; International Lisbon Ad Festival Winners are out!

MAJOR WEST being recognized by our international peers at the International Lisbon Ad Festival!
It has been an amazing journey, Thank you to all that made it possible, much more new things to come :)
+++ Silver & Bronze in film Craft
+++ Production Company of the Year


Our new tenants!

The Generals are finally back in town.
Once more, thank you to all that made it possible to bring them unharmed back home ;)

Autumn Dance

Autumn Dance Client: El Corte Inglés |  Director: Sebastien Grousset